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The ART DECoratorô System with 

portable MY GALLERY

The unique patented ART DECoratorôsystem is:

  • a reference tool of art and framing essentials--each section covering general information on art, framing and design. 

  • a unique, custom selection of nearly 200 premiere art images for choosing and upgrading your art--selected by designers and homestaging professionals.

  • a research voucher for (15) custom art requests for your design projects.

  • a collection of fireplace mantels to enhance room decor for designing, staging or selling the home.

  • a revenue builder for your existing business or a business opportunity in itself. Pass the portable MY GALLERY around to friends, family, co-workers and clients and watch your revenue grow!


To qualify for your professional discount on images available in the Art Decorator and  thousands more art choices,  please submit your New Member information.


Special Pricing:  



Custom Art Research 

The printed version of MY GALLERY offers a portable display tool to view and choose from the custom selection of art. Yet, it only covers only a fraction of the possibilities.  


If you are looking for something specific, Choices for Design offers custom art research (included in the purchase of the Art Decorator system or can be requested separately). 


Researched images will be sent to your email for review and approval.  Custom research resulting in an art purchase will not be billed. To request art research, please click here.





Professional  Discounts

Choices for Design offers significant pricing discounts available for our business affiliates, designers, ASP Home Stagers and independent contractors.


To qualify for a professional discount, please submit your New Member information.  


If you have a resale license, there are additional savings.  


You will receive an email of your qualifying discount and can begin using Art Orders by Invoicing.




Art Orders by Invoicing

As a qualified buyer, Choices for Design provides  additional options for viewing, selecting and purchasing art.


Click here to view more selections from the 







To place an art order with invoicing for these 

images and/or the images seen 

in the Art Decorator, please have the

art title, artist, and size  that appears with

the art image available.  (Order information appears 

in the Web Gallery when the mouse is placed over

the image).


On-Line Specials


Looking for a great deal on LARGE sized, quality art? All art comes standard as canvas transfers, gallery wrapped (image wraps around the sides so you won't need glass or a frame), and ready to hang (with as little as a pushpin). Perfect for any home or office. Check out these special on-line offers! Additional Resaler discount may apply for qualified buyers using the Art Invoicing.



Apples in a Red Bowl

by Etienne

Canvas transfer, 

27"w x 35"t

Retail: $200











Creek and Fall Trees

by Hammond

Canvas transfer, 

48"w x 36"t

Retail: $225




Fleur du Pays I

by Hulsey

Canvas transfer, 

40"w x 40"t

Retail: $225



Space Between

by Lane

Canvas transfer, 

35"w x 35"t

Retail: $200



Stems 10

by Briggs

Canvas transfer, 

24"w x 24"t

Retail: $170